2012 Mary Kohls Scholarship Application

Deadline: Wednesday November 28, 2018 at 2PM CST

2012 Mary Kohls Scholarship Rubric

Applications for Fall 2018.

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Section 1: Personal Identification

Section 2: Building Leadership Skills (10 Points)

2.1. In the last 12 months, did you attend any Phi Theta Kappa Regional or International events? (5 Points)

This includes: Regional/International Convention, Regional/International Honors Institute, Texas Leadership, or District V Meeting.

2.2. In the last 12 months, did you attend any Phi Theta Kappa Alumni events? (5 Points)

This includes: Texas Region Hallmarks Workshop in the Fall and Alpha Gamma Pi Alumni Skills Labs (Phi Theta Kappa 101, Research Skills, or Honors in Action/College Project Workshop)

Section 3: Honors in Action (15 Points)

3.2. Explain what leadership role you took in the Honors in Action project. (15 Points)

  • 15 Points: Guided team to complete either research or action, assisted in writing or organizing of data or volunteers, and volunteered for action support.
  • 10 Points: Assisted in writing or organizing of data or volunteers.
  • 5 Points: Volunteered for action or support.

Section 4: College Project (15 Points)

4.2. Explain what leadership role you took in College Project. (15 Points)

  • 15 Points: Guided team to present information to Dr. Rhodes, participated in administrative meetings, and volunteered for the action project.
  • 10 Points: Participated in administrative meetings.
  • 5 Points: Volunteered for project action.

Section 5: Leadership Roles (15 Points)

5.2. Explain what (guided) leadership role(s) you took as an officer/committee chair/co-chair in the chapter. (15 Points)

  • 15 Points: Leadership role guided team or chapter in an active role in an officer or significant leadership role in a committee.
  • 10 Points: Leadership role, but didn't work directly with guiding the team/chapter to gain leadership skills.
  • 5 Points: Didn't have a formal leadership role, but assisted the officers/chair/co-chair in a significant way.

Section 6: Guided Leadership in Alpha Gamma Pi (50 Points)

6.1. How have you been a leader or displayed (guided) leadership within the Alpha Gamma Pi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa at Austin Community College?

Section 7: Meaningful Experience (50 Points)

7.1 Describe a meaningful leadership experience in Phi Theta Kappa and why it was meaningful.

Grammar (10 Points)

  • 10 Points: Writing is free of grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • 5 Points: Writing has few grammar or spelling mistakes.
  • 0 Points: Writing needs review.

Total Points Possible: 165