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Golden Opportunity Scholarships (Alpha Gamma Pi Chapter)
The Alpha Gamma Pi Alumni Association supports student members in their endeavor to graduate from Austin Community College with an associates degree/certificate and/or transfer to a four-year institution. In the spirit of the Alpha Gamma Pi Alumni Association founders, a portion of donations each year are given to the Alpha Gamma Pi Chapter at Austin Community College for those potential members who need financial assistance to pay their Phi Theta Kappa Headquarters one time only dues. If you have recently attended a chapter orientation and need more information, please email our advisors, Mary Kohls and Reed Peoples.

Walter B. Cooper Scholarship (Texas Regional Alumni Association)
The Alpha Gamma Pi Alumni Association also supports student members in the Texas Region by donating funds to the Walter B. Cooper Scholarship. Walter B. Cooper was a former Austin Community College professor and Alpha Gamma Pi Chapter advisor. He encouraged students to experience everything that Phi Theta Kappa and the community college has to offer and becoming a well rounded individual. Awarded every fall, students must submit an essay, transcripts, and curriculum vitae. You can find out more information about the Walter B. Cooper Scholarship sometime during the summer at the Texas Region website.

2012 Mary Kohls Scholarship Fund (Alpha Gamma Pi Chapter)
Our chartering scholarship was originally named ¬†the 2012 Scholarship, but it was changed on April 28,2017 to celebrate advisor Mary Kohls’ 30 years of service to Phi Theta Kappa. We awarded our first 2012 Mary Kohls Scholarships on April 30, 2017. The Alpha Gamma Pi Alumni Association is still a relatively new alumni association. It takes some time to build funding needed to support scholarships. Phi Theta Kappa and its alumni associations are Non-Profit organizations 501(c)(3), therefore, we rely on membership dues, sales, and donations to award scholarships. Find out more about becoming a member, sales items, and donations.